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East Valley Fellow

Tanya Garcia Ortiz

Tanya was born and raised in the Coachella Valley. As a kid, her family moved often which allowed her to meet and socialize with different kinds of people from different parts of the Valley. Tanya is Mexican-American and grew up in Hispanic-populated areas. This experience and hearing the communities stories has inspired her to want to advocate for and support the Latinx community. 

In her middle and high school years she took leadership classes, allowing her to gain public speaking skills and the ability to voice her peers’ needs. She loves the feeling of helping and supporting others. Advocating for LGBTQ+ youth is one of her passions. She created the first GSA club at NOVA Academy in Coachella in hopes of creating a safe queer space for other closeted students. Tanya has always sought out to help her community and has successfully been a part of ECV Pride for 3 years. 

Aside from work Tanya enjoys reading poetry and fangirling over Kpop boy groups. Her favorite artist is Tomorrow X Together.