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A Message from our CEO

In these days of change and continued re-emergence into a new world altered forever by the recent pandemic, the ability to adapt and establish a solid footing in this shifting landscape is an endeavor many of us are experiencing. 

At The Center, we are immensely fortunate to adapt to these challenging times with the continuing support of selfless volunteers, dedicated staff members, and generous donors, allowing us to emerge into the present bigger and stronger than ever with more growth on the horizon.

In such a new landscape, this adaptability is paramount. Growth, by its very nature, involves change. After over 20 years of helping the LGBTQ+ community of the Coachella Valley along their way, we are exploring how we can have an even more significant impact. Don’t worry; our mission and commitment to the community are still very much the same. Our behavioral health clinic will continue to grow and serve those in need. We will keep supporting individuals and families at our Community Food Bank, offer spaces and programming for social activities and classes, collaborate and partner with our fellow community organizations, and host fabulous events that’ll be the talk of the town. Still, we can and want to do more.

We have revamped our website and logo to reflect our growth and further increase our capacity to be virtually accessible in more extensive ways. The new logo reflects our growth and maturity better, including the recent expansion into the East Coachella Valley. And our new website is the best of both worlds in being state-of-the-art, highly user-friendly, and simple to navigate. 

All this growth is inspiring, and with such a great board and staff, tremendous volunteers, and phenomenally generous donors, The Center is growing and adapting on an upward trajectory. The possibilities for new and more impactful ways to serve the community are endless as we continue to grow and adapt to the ever-changing times. After all, as Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, but the ones most adaptable to change.”

Thank you for being here and taking this journey with us.

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