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Director, Trans* & Gender Expansive Programs

Jasper Price, MSW

Jasper is a gender and sexuality educator who grew up in Southern Appalachia. They have a bachelor’s degree in gender studies and master’s degree in social work. They moved to the Coachella Valley from Tennessee in 2015. Jasper passionately supports the queer community by contributing to the growth of programming and resources for gender-expansive folks in the Coachella Valley. Their focus is working with transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive youth and adults in mental health and education spaces. They also provide support, resources, and education to parents, families, and caregivers of LGBTQ+ youth. Additionally, they provide gender and sexuality education to community members and local school districts. Jasper’s background includes experience working with LGBTQ+ youth in crisis and they strive to create an affirmative, brave space for folks to process the emotions surrounding gender, queerness, and coming out.