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Hey there,
Welcome to Fall! While we’re still in 100° weather, it is officially autumn, and an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. How is your perspective shifting internally with the shift in seasons? Sometimes looking back can give us a new perspective looking forward.
Speaking of looking back, tomorrow marks the start of LGBTQ History month -
How much do you know about our LGBTQ community history?
I know a lot
I know some but could learn more
I know a few key facts
I don't really know much about our community's history
Last week we checked in to see if any of you were struggling with paying rent? Luckily most of you aren't. We're reaching out individually to those who said they were struggling.
Meanwhile if you, or anyone you know is in difficulty, check out the United Lift Rental Assistance Fund link further down in our newsletter.
Letter from a Director
I had of those mornings again: of restlessness and discontent, when I feel less than what I had hoped to be, where concerns for the future crowd me and overwhelm me and I have no answers. 
Then, outside on the patio, under the star filled predawn sky, the birds begin to sing with the first touches of grey. The silhouettes of branches and trees move into detail as the grey sky yields to pink and orange. Faint blue appears. Dogs bark nearby and crows answer. The sound of traffic increases and overhead a flock of pigeons fly to their work site for the day. With the cooler morning comes new growth in the garden. Bougainvillea shouting in new pinks and reds while nearby, the brilliant orange of verbena fights with the purple of vinca to capture the eye. A faint scent of jasmine releases me from my thoughts into the beauty of the day and wet noses touch my calves. Small dogs are eager for their morning walks. A friend texts me to wish me a good day.
Dark days, scorching heat days, and stagnant days pass, replaced with renewal and growth. The small joys of life replace the emptiness with hope and awe. At the 8:15 Zoom meeting with The Center staff, I am reminded of the strength that comes from heart connections, to each other and to the web of life around us. Somedays we share our strength and somedays we receive the love that takes the emptiness from us. Life moving with its own rhythms and wisdom.
That we continue to draw strength from each other during those tough hours and days is the individual and collective commitment from everyone at The Center. We're here for each other and we're here for you.
Kim Kieler
Director of IT & Business Systems
Upcoming @ The Center
Help is Here. Get low-cost virtual therapy @ The Center
Behavioral Health @ The Center is still accepting new clients for virtual, low cost therapy for the LGBTQ community.
Our clinical internship program offers high quality, affordable counseling tailored to your personal needs.
To start the process, call Mike Martin at:
760 416 7899
or email:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
More Online Programs
In need of connection? Join us Monday through Friday online in our Zoom Meetings, like Knit Together, Women's Chat, Men's Chat, and more.
Bereavement Therapy
starts Monday
A journey shared is easier.
A program for those who have lost a loved one and want assistance in dealing with their loss and to talk with others who understand what they are going through.
This is a 12-week closed Bereavement Therapy group and is facilitated by a MFT Intern under the supervision of a licensed therapist.
To sign up, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or call 760 416 7899.
Learn how to support LGBTQ asylum seekers - TOMORROW
Online Info Session with Desert Support for Asylum Seekers
Learn how you can get involved in local efforts to support LGBTQ+ asylum seekers, from advocacy to housing, and more.
TOMORROW, Thursday, October 1, 1PM
Featured this week:
Who Cares: Caregivers
Support Group
Who Cares? is a peer-led support group for those who are caring for their loved ones. As unpaid care givers, you can gain support from peers and know that we are here and that We Care!
Mondays @ 3PM
Meeting ID: 633304494
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for password
Eisenhower Health @ Home: October Lectures
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is the third leading cause of death in the United States.
Join Christina Congdon, RCP, and Nadia Jensen, RCP, to learn whether you should consider being tested for COPD. For those already diagnosed with COPD, this presentation will provide useful information on what you can do to achieve good symptom control for your best quality-of-life.
Wednesday, October 7th
5:30PM - 6:30PM
Meeting ID: 975 8966 4971
No Meeting Password
Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, PrEP, is a powerful prevention tool taken daily to prevent HIV.
Join Alex del Rosario, MD (Eisenhower); Rob Finatnilla, PA (Borrego Health) and Andy Ansell, PrEP Negotiator (DAP) for an informative panel discussion regarding PrEP and PEP care services here in the Coachella Valley during COVID. Bring your questions!
Wednesday, October 21st
5:30 to 6:30pm
Meeting ID: 975 8966 4971
No Meeting Password
Get Resources
The Community Food Bank @ The Center
The Community Food Bank @ The Center is located at 610 S Belardo Rd, Palm Springs and is open for distribution every Thursday from 5PM - 7PM.
Regular hours for Food Bank donation drop-offs are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am to Noon.
Get help with rent
If you’re a Riverside County resident in need of rental assistance due to COVID-19, the application for help is still open. Applications can be submitted at any time between now and the end of November.
Take Action
Trunk or Treat
Food Drive-Thru Event!
The Community Food Bank @ The Center is holding a Halloween themed Trunk or Treat Food Drive-Thru on Wednesday, October 21st between 10am and Noon.
Donation items we need are -
  • Canned Goods: Tomatoes, Soup, Beans, String Beans, Corn, Fruit
  • Canned prepared Food: Spaghetti-O's, Beef Stew, Chili, etc.
  • Rice, 1 Pound Package
  • Dry Beans, 1 Pound Package
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Pasta
  • Ramen
  • Cereal
  • Crackers
  • Protein & Granola Bars
  • Oatmeal
  • Eggs
  • Cat Food & Dog Food
Dress up and join the goulash fun. Our team of kookie zombies promise not to be too grave as they dig through your trunk for goodies.
Get Tested for COVID-19
You can now schedule an appointment online to get tested for COVID-19 through Riverside County. Click here for testing locations in the Coachella Valley. Testing is for everyone, regardless of immigration status or insurance.
Support Latinx Heritage Month
Whatever term you might use for yourself -- Latinx, Hispanic, Latino, etc. -- Sept 15 - Oct 15 is Latinx Heritage Month. Celebrate and honor this important history by reading these books that feature LGBTQ Latinx characters.
The text Latinx Heritage Month in orange on a purple background with the text September 15 to October 15 underneath on an orange background in yellow
Spread the Voting Word
National Voter Registration Day might be over, but you can still download these virtual Zoom backgrounds, and talk to others about voting.
Business Partners
Support those who give!
Please help support the businesses who support The Center, the work we do, and who give back so generously to our community. Click here for a list of Business Partners with The Center.
Community Events
Aging Positively Reunion Project via Zoom
Join us via Zoom as The Aging Positively Reunion Project presents the 5th Annual HIV & Aging Virtual Conference featuring keynote speaker Javier Munoz! Long term HIV survivor and Star of the hit Broadway Musical HAMILTON!
Presented by Desert AIDS Project, PALS, HARP-PS, Eisenhower Health, Let's Kick ASS Palm Springs, Gay Desert Guide, Jewish Family Services, and The Center.
Sponsored by Gilead, NAPO Pharmaceuticals, Janssen, Walgreens, and Eisenhower Health.
Saturday, October 17th, 9:30am - 4:00pm
Join the virtual conversation today!
Join PALS seniors and future seniors, for planning ahead prior to a health issue. Conversations create personal network; personal networks create a community that cares.
Upcoming events:
PALS Café: Every Wednesday, 4 PM – 5 PM.
Join pals in casual conversation on various topics of LGBTQ needs and interests. Password: PALS Cafe Zoom Link here
Death Café: Thursday, October 1, 2020, 2 PM – 3 PM.
A group-directed discussion, thought-provoking and insightful. 
RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Community Virtual Screening, BURDEN with the Brothers of the Desert
The Brothers of the Desert invite you to a community virtual screening of the film, Burden directed by Nathan Hale-Williams.
BURDEN tells the story of Bennett Lewis; a highly successful and highly educated family man who in spite of his success still has to deal with the perils of being a Black man in America.
Saturday, October 3
4PM - 5:30PM
PS Pride Run/Walk, Nov 6-8, 2020
The Palm Springs Frontrunners & Walkers are bringing the spirit of the Palm Springs Pride 5K Run & Walk 2020 virtually! The Race/Walk cannot occur as in years past, but you can still make a HUGE impact by running, walking, skipping or dancing to help raise funds for The LGBT Community Center of the Desert! *Virtual confetti*
At this year’s virtual event, you choose your own 5K route, your own starting time, and your own pace! And best of all - anyone around the globe can participate. Just run or walk your 5k between November 6th and November 8th - and optionally upload your results by the end of day on the 8th.
You can join our Team (The Center) or register as a team/individual! Let’s make this year’s event the most colorful ever!
Feel Good Story of the Week
With so many crucial issues in the world today, it can sometimes feel like there is little in our power to enact change. But change is something that each of us have the capacity to do, and a great example of that are the folks who are part of Desert Support for Asylum Seekers. Craig Scott, an organizer with DSAS, has done lots of work, on his own and with others, to address the crisis at the border for asylum seekers and migrants who are fleeing nations where LGBTQ people face violence because of who they are. If you follow Craig or DSAS on Facebook, you’ll see posts about really tangible wins – like picking up a Russian asylum seeker from a detention center and connecting them with another “former Moscovite.” Or getting a visit from a recent asylum seeker who Craig and DSAS helped get out of a nearby detention center, after he moved to LA and recently started a new job there.
Inhumane detention centers, poverty, food insecurity, lack of access to clean drinking water, and other big social human issues seem almost insurmountable for us as individuals. But that’s what the larger systems and people in power want us to think – to immobilize us and stop us from doing anything.
The reality is we have so much power, and many opportunities to heal harm and care for each other as humans. Desert Support for Aslyum Seekers is one such group. If you’re compelled to do something for another human being, consider joining our info session with them tomorrow at 1PM and find out how you can be involved, meet other LGBTQ people from around the world and learn about other interesting LGBTQ communities.
They were here, and they were ours
Introducing a new section in our weekly newsletter, where we honor the memory of folks in our community who have passed.
Douglas Rose (1956-2014)
In 1980 I met Doug on my first day of work in San Francisco. We met in the cafeteria at lunch time. I Introduced myself and we became best friends. He died of pancreatic cancer in 2014. I miss him! - J.A.Tuttle
Ed Good (1945-2019)
Ed Good was a volunteer at The Center. He died suddenly a couple of years ago, and that was that. He was a lovely man, connected to the local community. He deserves some kind of recognition. - Jeffrey Zillner
Nat Read (1961-2020)
Well-known artist and owner of “The Art of Nat Reed” gallery in Palm Springs. Nat struggled with ALS for 3 years before passing, lovingly cared for by his husband Eli Cortez. - J. Shields
Hainie Chew (1964-2020)
We lost our good friend “Mr. Lemmon Bar,” to the terrible virus. He had such a big heart. Miss him every day. - David Elert
If you'd like to submit a name for inclusion here, please fill out this form.
Submissions received by 5PM Friday will be included in the next week's newsletter, for two consecutive weeks.
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