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Planned Giving

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The Legacy Circle helps The Center fulfill three enduring priorities:
• Ending isolation and loneliness
• Connecting people to resources and community
• Enriching our individual and collective experiences

By completing a gift, you can help strengthen our efforts at The Center for years to come. Leave a lasting legacy on our ever growing LGBTQ+ community by giving a gift through either your Will or Living Trust. Your gift will go to fund all aspects of our work; from our Community Food Bank and programs, to our behavioral health departments and general outreach efforts.

Ways To Give

Charitable Bequest – By naming The Center in your Will or Living Trust, you create a gift today that we will receive in the future when your estate is settled.

IRA or Workplace Retirement Plan – You can name The Center as a beneficiary of your IRA or workplace retirement plan. To include The Center, simply request a “beneficiary change” form from your IRA custodian or Human Resources department, complete the form, and then return it according to their instructions. Beneficiary change forms are often available online.

Life Insurance – You can name The Center as the beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy. To include The Center, simply request a “beneficiary change” form from your life insurance company, complete the form, and return it according to the instructions provided. Most companies make beneficiary change forms available online.

Charitable Gift Annuity – A gift annuity is a simple contract in which The Center agrees to pay you (and/or another person) an income for life, in exchange for a gift you make today.

Charitable Remainder Trust – In the right situations, a charitable remainder trust can provide powerful financial, tax, and estate planning benefits. You donate assets into trust for the eventual benefit of The Center. In the interim, the trust pays an income to you and/or your designated income beneficiaries.

Charitable Lead Trust – A charitable lead trust can provide support for The Center, while transferring assets in the future to heirs with little or no gift or estate tax.

Revocable vs. Irrevocable Gifts

The IRS provides important tax incentives to encourage support for charitable organizations. To qualify for any given tax benefit, a gift typically must be irrevocable. Stated differently, a gift must be complete and not one a donor could reclaim in any way.

Clearly, an irrevocable gift only should be made after proper reflection and consultation with your legal and financial advisors. However, with proper planning, such gifts can provide important income and tax benefits.

Examples of these gifts include Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts, and Charitable Gift Annuities.

Want to create a Legacy Gift?

To explore your options or to let us know that we are included in your estate plan, email Deb Pollock at deb@thecentercv.org or call 760-416-7790 (Ext. 117). All inquiries will be held in strict confidence.