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Join the Ocotillo Club and become one of the many members who share a commitment to The Center’s mission. This group has helped to underwrite programs and services by donating $100 a month. The Ocotillo Club meets at quarterly receptions throughout the year where you get a unique look at what it means to create a vibrant and inclusive community in the Coachella Valley.

Why Join The Ocotillo Club

The Ocotillo Club is made up of the most dedicated members of our incredible community. As a member, you make up the pillars that help support our comprehensive programs and services that create the farthest reaching impact in our community. You will get a more intimate understanding of the inner workings of what we do alongside other like-minded leaders through special events. Best of all, your support helps our 1100+ valued members feel like they are valued and that they belong!

“We love The Center because it offers critically-needed resources for LGBTQ+ people of all ages. And we love knowing that our support helps fund things like medical counseling programs, well-being services, and providing healthy free groceries for those in need. The Center sure knows how to throw great parties, too!”

Jean-Marie Navetta & Jude Medeiros, She/Her & She/Her

“In every city we’ve lived in, we’ve always wanted to support our local LGBTQ community. But we’ve never been involved with one as much as the LGBTQ Center of the Coachella Valley. We have found it so accessible, friendly, supportive, and vibrant. We love to give to The Center to not only give back to our local community, but to support the next generation of queer youth that are going to lead the valley into a better place.” 

Stephen & Sean Heslin, He/Him & He/Him

A Huge Thank You To All Of Our Ocotillo Club Members

A Huge Thank You To All Of Our Ocotillo Club Members

Updated May 10th, 2022