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Programs & Services

Gender Expansive and Family Support

Gender expansive and family support programs and services at The Center include a variety of resources, education, and opportunities for community building and engagement. The Center strives to provide these services to trans or gender-expansive-headed families and families with gender expansive youth or adults, including adults considering parenthood. We offer bi-weekly parent support groups, monthly youth meetups, and individual support services.

Helping gender expansive youth and families access community resources, medical transition education, behavioral health support, parent education, and youth mentorship are our highest priorities. Additional resources also include information about gender support products (e.g., binder safety, free binder access, gaff safety, etc.) and other educational workshops.

We believe in creating spaces for gender expansive youth and families that are body-positive, LGBTQIA+ friendly/supportive, and welcoming to people of all genders and gender expressions. Sexism, racism, homophobia, and gender policing are not tolerated.

Please note that we do not have the capacity at this time to offer crisis services to gender expansive youth. If you are a youth in crisis, please reach out to the following crisis centers.

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