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Programs & Services

LGBTQ+ Youth

At The Center we offer various types of LGBTQ+ youth programming, through our Center Coachella location. These include: 

Every Wednesday 3 – 4pm at The Center Coachella

Our weekly youth hangouts allow a safe and comfortable space for youth to gather. We play games, lead discussions on current and historical LGBTQ+ topics, as well as watch LGBTQ+ centered films.  

Outdoor Activities

A time for youth to connect with nature, we recurringly have youth hikes with our partner Friends of the Desert Mountains where transportation, lunch, as well as tickets (if needed) are provided. 

Queer & *Trans Closet

Our Queer & *Trans Closet is a donation-based exchange closet. We encourage community to donate clothing and take clothing primarily for our queer and *trans community. For more information, please contact

Gender Euphoria Accessories Program

Our free Gender Euphoria Accessories Program is open to the local *trans, nonbinary, gender non-conforming/expansive community. This service is completely confidential. For more information, please contact

Connect with The Center Coachella team

How we connect with LGBTQ+ young people and families is just as important to us as the spaces and programs we create. When you connect with The Center Coachella team, you can expect us to recognize the power dynamics often present between youth and adults which may impact youth vulnerability to external pressures and compliance with authority. Keeping this in mind, we work to encourage youth in decision-making, highlight youth voices, and empower young people. We do our best to keep in mind the presence of power imbalances.

We also offer Community Agreements to most spaces with whom we partner, which helps ensure our accountability to one another. Some Community Agreements include:

  • Being respectful
  • Honoring everyone’s privacy and identity
  • Judgment-Free Space
  • Confidentiality (What is said in the space stays in the space)

We ask that you follow these Community Agreements and offer you to contribute your own when you join us!

Please note, we do ask all young people under the age of 21 to provide us with an Emergency Contact form for safety reasons, which you can fill out online here.

For more information on youth services or specific programs, please contact

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