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Sea Voluntario Con Nosotros

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with The LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert. Currently, we are at max capacity with our volunteer group and the programs we offer. As we continue to restructure and build out our programs, we will begin recruiting for volunteers in our next cycle in Fall of 2024. If you would like to volunteer your time and facilitate a program, please consider reviewing our program proposal application aquí..

We’d also like to share other local volunteer opportunities from some of our community partners, aquí..

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email:

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Become part of the foundation for our growing community by volunteering! There are so many ways to volunteer; you can mentor other LGBTQ individuals in need of connection through the Buddy2Buddy program, feed families in need with our Community Food Bank at The Center, and help out with other events and programs just to name a few!

Why Volunteer With Us

We cannot do what we do without our amazing volunteers who play a vital part in the success of our outreach and the communities that we impact. In 2020-2021 alone, we boasted 4,139 volunteer hours alone in our various programs. During Covid (2020-2021), our volunteers at the Community Food Bank put in volunteer hours at a rate that equals $118,127 in savings to the agency. During the same time period, we positively impacted 23,000+ people and served 350,000+ pounds of food. The best part? You can be a reason for these phenomenal numbers!

“Of all the volunteer organizations I’ve ever given time to, The Center is, hands down, the friendliest, easiest, funniest group of folks I have had the chance to hang out and play with because I always have fun and it feels like play to me. The Center has been very generous, and flexible, and they provide valuable services to our local community that I feel really good about supporting.”

Dante Kai, He/Him | Food Bank Volunteer

I am retired and wanted to do something to give back to my community, and the Community Food Bank at The Center felt like a great opportunity to give back. It makes me feel good to know that in some small part I am helping these people/families who otherwise would not have enough food to put on their table for themselves and their family. I like it so much, I even recruited my husband to volunteer as well!

Howard, He/Him | Volunteer

“As a parent of two LGBTQ youth and resident of the East Valley, I am extremely proud to volunteer at The Center in Coachella. This space has been long overdue, and I make myself available for their events and activities. The office has not only created a safe and welcoming environment for my family, but also for other LGBTQ residents in the East Valley. My husband and I have been part of the East Valley Pride planning committee since 2018, chaperoning outdoor excursions for LGBTQ youth, and facilitating arts and crafts workshops in-person at the Coachella office and virtually during the Pandemic. I have many more ideas and projects that I would like to help create in our Center Coachella, and I am glad my input and ideas are valued and heard.”

Angelisa Soto, She/Her | Parent Volunteer