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California Legal Docs

California Legal Docs is the solution to your legal document needs. We provide assistance to clients who are not presently being represented by an attorney with their legal documents at an affordable price. Now proudly serving all of California remotely, we are ready to assist you with complex or simple legal forms and documents. We offer a variety of services including contract drafting, Civil litigation, family law, Estate planning and more.

Facing the legal system can feel overwhelming and confusing but with the  help of our well seasoned legal document assistant, we will provide you with professionally completed documents and we will assist you through the process. We are not an attorney and can not provide legal advise or represent in court. California Legal Docs is Registered and Bonded in the county of Riverside # 469 exp 06/15/24


Jennifer Hughes | Certified Paralegal | Legal Document Assistant

74-710 Hwy 111, Suite #102,

Palm Desert, CA 92260