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Simon Hobbs, Independent Financial Advisor

As a teenager arriving in London as the AIDS crisis exploded, the care and love that was thrown over me like a blanket by strangers that were hurting had a profound effect on me. I’ve spent my life searching to find that sense of community again.  I moved to Brighton, then Manhattan and then West Hollywood.  Finally in Palm Springs I hope I’ve found what I’ve been looking for. Although as an older man, I now realize we build community ourselves, brick by brick.

For my second career I chose to become an Independent Financial Advisor because I see it as an extension of me building that community.  I help people for a living.  Sometimes quite profoundly. In ways that might surprise you.  Because each client is uniquely different. We always put service first – always going the extra mile, whatever the situation throws at us.  I hope we become strong friends. 

I’ve already made my money working as a TV anchor for 18 years on stock market channel CNBC.  Now I have the luxury of being able to conduct my business in a way that I would like to be treated. Being independent means that I only work for you.  I’m never forced to sell you in-house products.  

My boss says our team is a ‘needle in a haystack’.  For sure on-boarding each client can mean pouring over their paperwork for hours, working on tax strategies to suggest to their CPAs and getting Estate Planning in order via attorneys. 

For that, plus the mainstay of providing you with investment advice and managing your portfolio we charge one single transparent fee, rather than you paying me commissions to execute trades or me taking commissions from product-providers.

People ask me if we have a minimum investment. I say yes, a personality minimum. I just have to like you.  And I very much hope you’ll enjoy my company too. 

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Simon D. Hobbs is a registered representative with, and Securities Offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA / SIPC.

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