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Meet The New Membership Manager at the LGBTQ Community Center

In Palm Springs, and throughout the Coachella Valley, the LGBTQ Community Center has been experiencing lots of positive growth! So much growth, in fact, that a whole new position was needed to help steward it all. Specifically, what we needed was a Membership Manager, someone to help manage and maintain our growing base of donors, the very people whose generosity allows us to do what we do best… serve the LGBTQ community of the Coachella Valley all the way from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea. 

A call for an experienced Membership Manager was placed via all the usual outlets: social media, online job sites, local word-of-mouth recommendations, and more. And while we received applicants from around the country all wanting to make the move to Palm Springs and make a career out of helping the LGBTQ+ community of the Coachella Valley, we eventually realized that the best candidate we had was already here at The Center, our very own Charles Huff!

Who is Charles Huff of the LGBTQ Community Center?

Those savvy with the LGBTQ Community Center, especially our volunteers and those who come to our weekly Community Food Bank distribution every Thursday evening, might already be familiar with Charles as our Senior Manager of Volunteers & Engagement. His gregariousness, welcoming demeanor, and empathetic leadership made him not only professionally successful in this role, but also made him beloved by our volunteers and by all those with whom he engaged at all The Center’s events ranging from our large galas like Red Dress Dress Red and our more laid-back monthly Center Socials.

“For almost a decade I’ve worked in the volunteer space adjacent to membership development, supporting fundraising, events, and daily operations. Now it is time to bring my experience, people skills, and enthusiasm from my professional growth into the development space. Thank you to my volunteers, colleagues, agencies, and the community for walking this journey with me. I’m not gone, just next door supporting our efforts in a new way. I look forward to my experiences and growth in this new role!”

– Charles Huff

So, naturally, when Charles applied to our open position of Membership Manager, his mix of proven leadership and special talent for social soft skills immediately had him stand out as the leading candidate! The fact that Charles was an internal candidate applying to an open-call position was also reassuring, knowing that our Members would be in good, trusted, proven hands. After all, careers here at the LGBTQ Community Center are never limited with concrete ceilings; we love to nurture talent and allow our employees to grow into their best selves and to use their unique talents to best help the LGBTQ community. 

What Is the New Membership Manager’s Role at the LGBTQ Community Center?

This is a brand-new position here for our LGBTQ Community Center, and so you must be thinking, “What does a Membership Manager actually do?” Well, a lot of things, really, but it is all centered around ensuring that our membership growth continues to increase in a sustainable way. Too often, non-profits can fall into the trap of growth for growth’s sake, resulting in a glut of members all feeling like just another number and without being able to be given the inclusory attention and involvement that inspired them to want to become members in the first place. Not us. We want to be able to continue sufficiently providing Members of The Center with the kind of white-glove attention they deserve. That level of personalized care and stewardship requires a dedicated role all its own: a Membership Manager.

What’s next for the LGBTQ Community Center?

More growth! With such an increasing membership base throughout Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley (especially due to the success of our inaugural Women’s Social two weeks ago) and with Charles Huff now transitioning to be our new Membership Manager, we are continuing to enlarge our capacities here at The Center! 

One major focus of growth, in particular, is on hiring more team members to ensure sustained stewardship of The Center. In addition to soon being on the lookout for someone to fill Charles’ previous position of managing volunteers and general engagement, we’re also currently on the lookout for a Food Bank Coordinator to manage our invaluable Community Food Bank and for a brand new position of Major Gifts Officer to help grow and cultivate our increasing pipeline of major donors.

“The Center offers opportunities to follow your passions and interests. I am looking forward to new hirees being able to explore all the potentials and possibilities that we have to offer as well as what they can bring to our growing team.”

– Candice Nichols (Director of Programs) 

How can YOU get involved at the LGBTQ Community Center?

If you or a friend would like to become our newest Member of the LGBTQ Community Center, Charles and the rest of our team would love to have you! Or, if you would like to help in a more hands-on way, you can become a Volunteer.

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