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The LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert’s Red Dress Dress Red Dance Party

What is the Red Dress Dress Red Dance Party?

Every now and then we stumble upon a tradition that just seems to fit perfectly with an occasion. Who could imagine a holiday party without ugly sweaters?! Or, St. Patrick’s Day without green beer! Well, if you’ve spent much time in cities like Portland, San Diego, or Palm Springs in the last decade, you know that when the red frocks come out there’s a wild event with a great cause coming soon!

Where is the Red Dress Dress Red Dance Party located?

In early years, the Red Dress Dress Red evening was held at a few of Palm Springs’ historical estates. That upstart, while humble, was undoubtedly fun, different, and an all-around great time. Year after year, and with the growth to go with it, RED DRESS/DRESS RED Party would become a premiere event in the Palm Springs social scene. It eventually moved to larger venues including Ace Hotel & Swim Club and SnapShot Palm Springs… eventually moving to its current home, with the most stunning backdrop yet — the Palm Springs Air Museum!

Why do we wear red at Red Dress Dress Red?

Over 10 years ago, The LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert decided to host its own version of a party that has its origins in Portland, LA, and other major metropolitan areas for a couple decades. The theme: RED. Everyone in red wear as a symbol of unity, solidarity, and community. And in the desert, the purpose is to raise support for The Center’s many LGBTQ programs and to celebrate our community, in community.

What makes the Red Dress/Dress Red Dance Party so special? 

What makes the Red Dress/Dress Red Dance Party so special that it has sold out consistently (previous years’, in just minutes)? There’s something special about skipping the stuffy suits or the uber-seriousness of black-tie or formal wear, in favor of something fashionable, comfortable, or just plain fun. A party where creativity is not only encouraged but nearly a prerequisite, makes Red Dress/Dress Red a place where you want to be seen, and see others, exploring and playing in a sandbox of expression and originality, and relishing the joy in the air. Rather than genders, orientations, or definitions, what you see are individual expressions…all in RED.

Remember this: Everything you take to the Red Dress/Dress Red Party, including yourself, will never be the same.

Don’t miss out in this year’s Red Dress/Dress Red Dance Party being held on the tarmac of the PS Air Museum on March 16, 2024! Tickets will go on sale this Valentine’s Day, February 14 at 9am.

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